20 3 / 2012

Dev’s Server - NPC Tourment

Come check out this video from one of our members server!

11 3 / 2012

Spider Jockey by Bobby Yarsulik

Bobby Yarsulik is an awesome minecraft song maker, so make sure to check out this video!

02 3 / 2012

We would like to announce that the server has been updated to 1.2.3!

There was a map reset, but in return you guys get a jungle biome to use!  So let’s get started and make this map look good.


28 2 / 2012


The Minecraft servers will be down until 1.2 is released. (ETA March 1st)


20 2 / 2012


Tons of things are changing about Team OP.  We are currently in progress of getting servers rebult.  We are going to be hosting 2-3 Minecraft servers, a Terraria server,and maybe a Team Fortress 2 server. We are also going to be getting a twitter page, getting our youtube page sat up, and getting a pastebay sat up for our coding irc channel. We are getting a new minecraft launcher and members of team op will be getting our team op client, that has had a major overhaul.

So in small terms, tons of new things are coming to Team OP and tons are changing.


04 2 / 2012

We have just found out that our server has been griefed by one of our members DevannB. He has been banned from the team and is unwhitelisted from the server.

We will be doing a map reset, but we are saving things that weren’t griefed, so don’t worry about your projects getting deleted.


26 1 / 2012

Welcome to our site!